Collective Identities in Transition

SELF Project Line 7

The polarization of citizens into groups of winners and losers who support antagonist positions towards the opening up of national borders and toward variety of globalization issues leads to a shift in the salience of collective identities which, in turn, further polarize citizens. National identities are obviously a more interdependent way of construing the self than supranational identities. What is the impact of this societal polarization along a national-supranational identification dimension for instance on social cohesion? Changing degrees of denationalization and rising societal polarization have furthermore given rise to alienation from the democratic political system. Dissertation projects addressing this democratic disconnect might link political culture research with concepts from political psychology.

Download the long description of project line 7, including potential research questions on collective identities in transition.

Potential PhD supervisors for dissertations in project line 7:

Supervisors in Project Line 7: Collective Identities in Transition

Dr. Mandy Boehnke
Universit├Ąt Bremen
Vice President for International Affairs, Academic Qualification, and Diversity (UB)
Tel.: +49 421 218 66430

Research Interests

  • Social Inequality
  • Families in the Context of Migration
  • Intergenerational Transmission of Value and Transitions

Prof. Dr. Klaus Boehnke
Constructor University
Methods Center Chair (BIGSSS)
Tel.: +49 421 200 3401

Research Interests

  • Political Socialization (Xenophobia, Right-wing extremism)
  • Value Change and Value Transmission
  • Social Cohesion

Methods Expertise

  • Analysis of Variance
  • Latent Growth Modeling
  • Nonparametric Statistics
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Prof. Dr. Jan Lorenz
Constructor University
Tel.: +49 421 200 3034

Research Interests

Emergence of social complexity


Methods Expertise

  • Social Data Science with R
  • Mathematics for the Social Scientist
  • Data Visualization (with R)

Dr. Franziska Deutsch
Constructor University
Academic Coordinator (CU)
Tel.: +49 421 200 3958

Research Interests

  • Political Culture, esp. Values and Value Change
  • Political Participation, esp. Protest

Adacemic Coordination

  • Research Training Group SELF
  • Regular and Affiliated PhD Fellows at Constructor University