BIGSSS Affiliated PhD Program

Combining Project Work with a Structured Doctoral Education

BIGSSS offers an Affiliated PhD Program to doctoral candidates who already work in third-party funded or professorial research projects in the social scien­ces at the University of Bremen or Constructor University. Affiliated Fellows take part in the BIGSSS curriculum with a reduced work load and complete several PhD Milestones.


PhD Training

Affiliated PhD Fellows follow the BIGSSS Regular PhD program curriculum with a reduced course work. 

First year

Right after the commencement of the program, Affiliated PhD Fellows attend a two-week Preparatory Forum in Methodology together with BIGSSS Regular PhD Fellows and participate in an Academic Integrity Workshop. 

During the first semester, Affiliated fellows participate in the Core Theory Seminar and the Proposal Workshop to develop their PhD research project. At the end of the second semester, Affiliated Fellows may take part in the two-day Retreat. In the second semester, they defend their PhD proposal to the public (PhD milestone).

During the entire program

Affiliated PhD Fellows participate in the Doctoral Colloquium and attend the BIGSSS Lecture Series in all semesters.

Beyond their curricular requirements, Affiliated Phd Fellows are welcome to attend our Methods Training and Transferable Skills Workshops. 


Dissertation Supervision

Affiliated fellows benefit from the BIGSSS' supervisory structure which entails independent supervision by a three-member Dissertation Committee chosen by the fellow in consultation with the Coordinator in regards to his/her fields of study. All fellows will submit a final dissertation proposal, developed within a BIGSSS proposal workshop, seven months after the commencement of the BIGSSS program, as well as participate in a Progress Assessment Colloquium at the end of each academic year. This structure supports our fellows in completing excellent dissertations.

PhD Training

Affiliated PhD Fellows follow the BIGSSS Regular PhD program doctoral curriculum with a reduced course work (see above) and complete several PhD milestones.

Find a current and previous semester plans here.


We welcome applications for the BIGSSS Affiliated PhD Program until May 31st, 2024.

For further information, please check the application requirements.