Stay Abroad with BIGSSS-departs: Departure to One of Our Partners

BIGSSS has always encouraged its PhD fellows to conduct research stays abroad during their dissertation phase. In our international network, we draw on strong ties to partner instutions which have been established through the exchange of doc­toral fellows, collaborative initiatives, and personal visits of BIGSSS faculty.

The EU COFUND initiative has allowed BIGSSS to intensify its international collaboration in teaching and research at the doctoral educa­tion level even further. BIGSSS-departs includes a mandatory stay abroad for up to six months at one of our international academic or inter-sectoral BIGSSS-departs partner institutions:


Department of Sociology
Duke University, USA
Institute of International Relations
Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine
Department of European Studies
Manipal University, India
Department of Political Sciences
Universitá degli studi di Milano, Italy
Doctoral School of Psychology
Moscow HSE, Russia
Grad. School of Social Sciences
University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Doctoral School
Sciences Po, France
Center for European Studies
University of North Carolina, USA
Department of Political Science
University of Southern Denmark
Bertelsmann Stiftung
Edna Pasher PhD & Associates


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Fellows profit during their stay abroad from exchanges with experts relavant for their own research project. However, the stay abroad in BIGSSS-departs does not only increase fellows' competencies; with regard to a global job market, it also supports them in setting up their own professional network which they will then be able to draw upon after graduation.

BIGSSS-departs Academic Program

As a BIGSSS-departs fellow you take part in BIGSSS' Academic Core Program.

This Core Program includes full-time work on your PhD project, your participation in the BIGSSS-departs doctoral curriculum as well as the fulfillment of several PhD Milestones.

BIGSSS-departs Career Development

For our BIGSSS-departs fellows academic guidance and counseling will be provided to facilitate your academic or non-academic career planning.