BIGSSS Affiliated Postdoc Program

Postdocs at the University of Bremen and Constructor University

BIGSSS offers affiliations to postdoctoral researchers who work in the social scien­ces at the University of Bremen or Constructor University.

Affiliated postdoctoral fellows assign their research to one of BIGSSS' three Thematic Fields and engage there by participating in the doctoral colloquia. Additionally, they may participate in other courses or offer courses themselves.

Please note that the Affiliated Postdoc program is unfunded and only for Postdocs already working at one of the Bremen Universities. If you are a postdoc from a different (inter-)national university and interested in a research stay at BIGSSS, please take a look at our Visiting Scholar Program.


Admissions to the BIGSSS Affiliated Postdoc Program

If you are interested in a BIGSSS Affiliated Postdoc fellowship, please submit the following documents:

1) A COVER LETTER, stating your motivation for an affiliation with BIGSSS

2) A list of your PUBLICATIONS


Please send your application documents via email to our Director of Studies ( There are no fixed application deadlines. The start of your Affiliated Postdoc Fellowship is flexible.


International Postdocs and Scholars

Also international scholars from the postdoctoral level onwards are invited to conduct a research stay at BIGSSS. For more information, please follow the links below.

BIGSSS Postdoc Program

We currently do not have an open call for postdoctoral fellowships.

Temporary Visiting Scholar Program

International scholars from the postdoctoral level onwards have the opportunity to conduct a temporary research stay at our graduate school as part of our Visiting Scholar Program.