Working Group on Migration and Refugees Studies at BIGSSS

Many PhD-fellow at BIGSSS work on issues related to migration and refugee-studies. Research related to this topic is often cross-disciplinary, cutting the boundaries of political science, sociology and social psychology. In spring 2016 we thus established the working group ‘migration and refugee studies’ with the aim to bring together fellows from all fields and disciplines. Our group consists of doctoral fellows from all thematic fields, different cohorts and varying progress of their PhD-project. This diversity concerning methodology, discipline and country of origin enriches our discussions and allows us to get to know other perspectives on the similar topics.

In the group we present our own ongoing research projects. We discuss state-of-the-art literature and most relevant classics. We exchange research experiences and we invite external researchers to present and discuss their work or give workshops.

Interested fellows and other doctoral researchers of University Bremen or Constructor University are always welcome to present their work or recommend interesting readings. During the semester, we regulary meet at either university (approx. every 3-5 weeks).


Selected Publications by our BIGSSS Migration Group

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