BIGSSS' Organizational Structure and Governance

Meeting of Members (MM)

The annual Meeting of Members includes all doctoral students (as well as those of other potential programs embedded in BIGSSS), faculty and staff members. Here the Dean presents his annual report, which must be approved by a majority. Elections for the Dean and Vice Deans are held every two years; the elected Deans are subsequently appointed by the BIGSSS Board, comprised of the Presidents of the two universities.


Deanery and Executive Team (ET)

The Deans administer the doctoral stu­dents and staff, represent BIGSSS within and beyond the universities. They report directly to the BIGSSS Board, with support from the Managing Director. The BIGSSS Executive Team, which meets monthly, comprises of the Deans, the Managing Director, the Director of Studies, the Senior Coordinator of the Deans' Office, the Head of Administration, and all Field Coordinators.


Academic Council (AC)

The Academic Council is the fundamental policy-making institution. It determines the institution's thematic and curricular development, the scientific positioning and the development of the scientific program and the training concept of the BIGSSS, as well as monitors of the call for applications and the recruitment of fellows, the quality assurance and the general principles of the allocation of funds and equality. The Academic Council has also appointed an ombudsperson (Prof. Dagmar Borchers, University of Bremen) to resolve any internal con­flicts that cannot be resolved by the Executive Team and the council, but she has, to date, not been needed.

The Academic Council comprises BIGSSS leadership (Deanery, Managing Director, Director of Studies, a representative from the group of Coordinators), representatives of the academic institutions that significantly contribute to BIGSSS (Academic Chairs), the Methods Center Chair, as well as Fellow Representatives and Equal Opportunity Officers.

Academic Chairs for the period 2020-2022: