BIGSSS Alumni Network

The BIGSSS alumni network currently consists of about 160 PhD and 20 Postdoc alumni in academic and non-academic positions.

Career Days and Alumni Partnership Program

Our alumni are dear to us and we keep them engaged in our graduate school's academic and social activities. We invite them to Career Days and other events at BIGSSS to share their experiences among each other and with our current PhD fellows. The newly launched Alumni Partnership Program (APP) facilitates excellent networking and mentoring opportunities further.

Let's keep in touch!

We regularly share BIGSSS news and events via our BIGSSS alumni mailing list and inform you about or share your own job openings in our BIGSSS job news mailing list. If you would like to receive mail from us, follow the links to subscribe to the BIGSSS alumni mailing list or to subscribe to the BIGSSS job news mailing list. Please also enter your full name when registering, so that we can identify you - thanks!

If you have questions, you can always contact us at

BIGSSS Re-Union in Soul, Spring 2018

Look at that!

Conference greetings from BIGSSS PhD fellows and alumni from the 2018 ISA RC28 Spring Meeting on "Rethinking Social Inequality in the Globalizing World" in Seoul!

BIGSSS Re-Union in Bremen, Fall 2019

Welcome back cohort of 2009!

Greetings from our BIGSSS alumni of the cohort 2009 at the UNICOM rooftop terrace!