Postdoc Fellows


Dr. Murat Ardag
Affiliated Postdoc (Constructor University)

Research Interests

Murat Ardag is a data scientist and a political psychologist. Psychometrics, psycholinguistics, cross-cultural research, and modeling subjectivity are among his research interests.

Dr. Sonja Bastin
Affiliated Postdoc (Socium)
Tel.: +49 421 218 66358

Research Interests

  • Life Course Transitions and Social Inequality
    • Family Dynamics and Expansion
    • Education to Work Transitions
  • Social Structure and Social Change

Dr. Armin Müller
Affiliated Postdoc (Constructor University)
Tel.: +49 421 200-3473

Research Interests

  • Social policy in China and East Asia
  • Healthcare system in China and East Asia
  • Technical and vocational education and training in China and East Asia
  • International and international migration, social protection of migrants

Dr. Dora Ṥimunović
Affiliated Postdoc (Constructor University)
Tel.: +49 421 200 3968

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary psychology of intergroup conflict and dynamics between minorities and majorities
  • Management of common resources in heterogeneous societies
  • Impact of religious belief and secular authority on social behaviour

Dr. Ruth Abramowski
Affiliated Postdoc (Socium)
Tel.: +49 421 218 58550

Research Interests

  • Gender and work
  • Sociology of families and intimate lives
  • European analysis of social structure
  • Comparative welfare state research
  • Social inequalities and well-being
  • Quantitative methods


Dr. Dennis Redeker
Affiliated Postdoc (ZeMKI)
Tel.: +49 421 218-676 37

Research Interests

  • International Relations
  • Global governance
  • Internet governance
  • Platform governance
  • AI governance
  • Digital constitutionalism
  • Transnational civil society


Dr. Adekunle Adedeji
Visiting Postdoc 01-12/2023 (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)

Research Interests

  • Quality of life
  • Social capital
  • Migration and migrants' wellbeing
  • Discrimination and microaggression
  • Social determinants of life outcomes

Dr. Francesco Laruffa
Visiting Postdoc until 06/2023 (University of Geneva)

Research Interests

  • Social Policy
  • Theories of Social Justice
  • Political Economy
  • Theories of Democracy
  • Sustainability
  • Labour/Work

Dr. Lara Minkus
Visiting Postdoc 03-09/2023 (Europa Universität Flensburg)

Research Interests

  • Sociology of the Family
  • Gender
  • Sociology of Work
  • Inequality
  • Public Opinion
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Europeanization
  • Life course reserach