Adjunct PhD Fellows

Josephine Talena Assmus

InIIS, Project ‘Rebalancing the Enlarged Single Market’(RESiM) 

Dissertation working title: Structures and Mechanisms of Administrative Cooperation in the Application and Enforcement of the EU Posting of Workers Directive


 Andrés Felipe Barrero Salinas

DAAD Doctoral Fellow, Universität Bremen

Dissertation working title: Critical Discourse Studies as Social Science: different layers of reflection around the implementation of quantitative text-analysis tools


Anne-Katrin Broocks

University of Bremen, Working Group: The Meaning of Mangroves

Dissertation working title: Mangroves and Meaning-Making: A mutual relationship over time?


Martin Gestefeld

Jacobs University Bremen, Research Project: ToRealSim (Towards realistic computational models of social influence dynamics)

Dissertation working title: Insights on Macro and Micro Dynamics of Opinion Formations


Christina  Grabbe

InIIS, CRC 1342, Research Project B04: Open Welfare states? Social protection of labour migration and its repercussions for national policies

Dissertation working title:  The Implication of intra-EU Migration on the European Coordination of national Unemployment Insurance 


Nepomuk Hurch

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title:  On the social inequality of agency in times of neoliberalism


Nina Krienke

Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen

Dissertation working title: Processes of Making Sense of Politics and Society. The Current Romanian Protest Movement and Its' Activists' Motives and Demands


David Krogmann

InIIS, Working Group: Collaborative Research Center 1342, Global Dynamics of Social Policy

Dissertation working title: International Organizations in the Global Climate Action Regime - Development, Population and Discourse


Theresa Manderscheid

SOCIUM, Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy

Dissertation working title: Non-monogamous relationships and the question of family: a social network analysis


Olga Masyutina

Univeristy of Bremen

Dissertation working title:  Papers on the political economy of authoritarianism


Sonja  Mattfeld

Jacobs University Bremen

Dissertation working title:  Connectedness and trust-building in international business relations. How to create successful interactions between home- and host-country players

Eric Nissen

SOCIUM, Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy

Dissertation working title: The experience of recognition conflicts and the influence on right-wing populist attitudes


Sarah Penteado

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title: Social Protection and Translation - the Politics of Being-in-the-World


Oghenekome Umuerri

Jacobs University Bremen

 Dissertation working title: Decision-making behavior in financing African Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – Empirical analysis of loan application decisions on financing MSMEs in the consumer goods and food processing industry in Ghana