Adjunct PhD Fellows


Andrés Felipe Barrero Salinas

University of Bremen, DAAD Doctoral Fellow

Dissertation working title: Critical Discourse Studies as Social Science: different layers of reflection around the implementation of quantitative text-analysis tools


Marina Carlino

University of Bremen, CRC 1342, Research Project A03: Worlds of Labor: Coverage and Generosity of Employment Law (2022-25)

Dissertation working title: The Evolution of the Academic SER Discourse in both Global North and South. A Critical Analysis of Basic Features


Martin Gestefeld

Constructor University Bremen, Research Project: ToRealSim (Towards realistic computational models of social influence dynamics)

Dissertation working title: Insights on Macro and Micro Dynamics of Opinion Formations


Julian Götsch

University of Bremen, CRC 1342, Research Project A04: Global Developments in Health Care System

Dissertation working title: The Influence of the Colonial Heritage on Social Policies in Africa: A Comparative Case Study of the impact of British Colonialism on the Introduction and Design of Health Care Systems in Kenya and Nigeria


Nepomuk Hurch

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title:  On the social inequality of agency in times of neoliberalism


Nina Krienke

Univeristy of Bremen, Research Centre for East European Studies

Dissertation working title: Processes of Making Sense of Politics and Society. The Current Romanian Protest Movement and Its' Activists' Motives and Demands


Theresa Manderscheid

SOCIUM, Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy

Dissertation working title: Non-monogamous relationships and the question of family: a social network analysis


Tim Hahn

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title: The Global Race for Raw Materials and the Politics of Deep Sea Mining


Olga Masyutina

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title:  Papers on the political economy of authoritarianism


Eric Nissen

SOCIUM, Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy

Dissertation working title: The experience of recognition conflicts and the influence on right-wing populist attitudes


Sarah Penteado

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title: Social Protection and Translation - the Politics of Being-in-the-World


Oghenekome Umuerri

Constructor University Bremen

Dissertation working title: Decision-making behavior in financing African Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – Empirical analysis of loan application decisions on financing MSMEs in the consumer goods and food processing industry in Ghana


Timo Wiesner

University of Bremen

Dissertation working title: Global Inequality: A Comparative Perspective on Perceptions and Preferences