BIGSSS Visiting Scholar Program

Research Stays at BIGSSS for International Postdocs and Scholars

BIGSSS invites international scholars to conduct a research stay at our graduate school. Visiting scholars profit from BIGSSS’ excellent working conditions at the public University of Bremen and the private Constructor University and its ties to a number of outstanding social science research institutes at the two universities.

When coming to BIGSSS you will be part of a vibrant, international and interdisciplinary scientific community. To ensure you integration and scientific exchange with our community, we want to make sure that your research project relates to our faculty or fellow’s research interests. Therefore, before you apply, please make sure that someone of our BIGSSS faculty or postdoctoal fellows is interested in discussing your research or collaborating with you during your stay.

Please note that BIGSSS cannot provide funding or financial support for the stay but office space and access to the universities' libraries are provided. The duration of the research stay is flexible; most of our guests stay between two and six months.

There are no fixed application deadlines, applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis. Please note that you should submit your application at least three months before the planned visit though. Opportunities are granted in accordance with the capacity of the school to host Visiting Scholars.


Admissions to the BIGSSS Visiting Scholar Program

If you would like to become a Visiting Scholar at BIGSSS, please submit the following materials to our Director of Studies at least 3 months prior to your planned stay:

1. Cover letter

  • Stating your motivation for a research stay at BIGSSS,
  • including your thematic overlap with one or more of BIGSSS faculty members or fellow, and
  • information about which BIGSSS faculty member or fellows you would like to work with during your stay,
  • the preferred length of your stay.

2. List of your publications

3. Your Curriculum Vitae

4. Support letter from BIGSSS Faculty or Postdoc Fellow: This may be an informal letter (email suffices) in which a BIGSSS faculty member or postdoctoral fellow endorses your research stay at BIGSSS and confirms that he or she is available for discussing your research.

Please note that we can only consider complete applications!

BIGSSS' International Network

Find out if your home institution already has an academic cooperation with BIGSSS.

BIGSSS Postdoc Programs

BIGSSS also offers an Affiliated Postdoc Program. Please check the respective websites for application requirements and open calls.