Joint Research Ventures

In our work we draw on strong ties to academic and non-academic partner institutions established through the collaboration and exchange of doc­toral fellows and faculty members, but also through the exchange of ideas and joint initiatives.

BIGSSS is thus always in developing innovative event formats with various partners on current topics of societal and political relevance and scope.

Encouraging our PhD fellows to share their scientific insights with a public audience and offering them excellent networking opportunities are two important features of the BIGSSS Joint Research Ventures.

Transatlantic Interdisciplinary Research Network

BIGSSS, Columbia's Journalism School, the ZEIT Foundation and the German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) jointly organized a Think Lab and Panel Discussion on "Booming Populism" in NYC in November 2016.

GEWOBA Award 2016 The Housing of Refugees

BIGSSS and GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft für Bau und Wohnen in Bremen jointly organize the GEWOBA Award for Sustainable Urban Development on "The Housing of Refugees".