BIGSSS Adjunct PhD Program

Structural Support and Course Offers for PhD Candidates in the Bremen Social Sciences

BIGSSS offers an Adjunct PhD Program to doctoral candidates who are supervised by BIGSSS Faculty members and work in the Bremen Social Sciences. An Adjunct Fellow’s research project should fit to BIGSSS’ interdisciplinary umbrella theme Changing Patterns of Social and Political Integration, and particularly to one of the focal points in Global Governance and Regional Integration (Political Science), Welfare State and Inequality (Political Science, Sociology), and Diversity and Socio-Cultural Contexts (Psychology, Sociology and Political Science).

Adjunct Fellows may selectively participate in BIGSSS courses for structured training of its doctoral students. In fact, they are encouraged to participate in the BIGSSS’ doctoral colloquia as well as in demand tailored methods, theory, and soft skills training courses.

As an excellent Graduate School of the Social Sciences, it is our vital interest to ensure a high-quality doctoral training program for all our fellows. Accordingly, the principles of close supervision, quality insurance and progress monitoring that have been successfully developed at BIGSSS also pertain to adjunct fellows.


Adjunct PhD Program Components

Doctoral researchers can apply for the BIGSSS Adjunct PhD Program from the beginning of their dissertation projects at Bremen. For those who have already started their dissertation projects and would like to become Adjunct Fellows, an application is also possible.

Over the course of the program, Adjunct Fellows complete several mandatory PhD milestones that ensure doctoral education according to our principles on a basic level. These principles include close supervision and monitoring of the progress and quality of the dissertation project.

PhD Milestones

  1. Proposal Defense OR acceptance as doctoral candidate with the Promotionsausschuss Dr. rer. Pol. / Dr. phil. (first year)
  2. Signed Supervisory Agreement (first year)
  3. Annual Progress Assessment Colloquia (PACs)
  4. Dissertation Completion Meeting (DCM), ca. 6 months prior to thesis submission

Adjunct Fellows are encouraged to stay in the Program until they submit their dissertation.

Doctoral education at BIGSSS takes place in English language including all interaction with other fellows, faculty, and staff. The PhD thesis may be written in English or German though.

PhD Training

Adjunct PhD Fellows may particpate in the courses of the doctoral curriuclum of the Regular and Affiliated PhD program and complete several milestones during their PhD (see above).

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Applications for the BIGSSS Adjunct PhD Program are welcome any time.

Learn more about application requirements.