Participation, Diversity & Equal Opportunities

As an institution, BIGSSS believes that diverse backgrounds and ideas are crucial to academic excellence and therefore welcomes and promotes diversity and aims at mutual respect and the inclusion of all of its members regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio‐economic status, age or dis‐/ability.

Furthermore, BIGSSS encourages active participation of its fellows in organizational matters and decision making processes.


Fellow Representation

BIGSSS centers around its fellows. To give them the chance to participate on all important levels of BIGSSS' organisational structure, Fellow Representatives are elected each year. Among others, the Fellow Representatives participate in the selection process of new fellows and are members of BIGSSS' Academic Council.

If you would like to reach our Fellow Reps, please send an email to

The Fellow Reps will respond as soon as possible. Please be aware that the content of your emails will be kept confidential if you prefer.


Equal Opportunities

BIGSSS aims at ensuring equal opportunities for all people involved in it; no matter whether they are PhD or Postdoctoral fellows, members of faculty or staff, or applicants to our program. It commits to the anti-discrimination guidelines of the University of Bremen and Constructor University:

Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination at the University of Bremen

Constructor University Community Standard

Furthermore, every year the BIGSSS fellows elect a team of Equal Opportunity Officers.

The EOOs provide information on equal opportunity measures and are advocating non-discrimination with respect to ethnicity, language, religion, dis-/ability, age, sexual orientation, gender and family responsibilities.

If you would like to reach our EOOs, please send an email to

The EOOs will respond as soon as possible. Please be aware that the content of your emails will be kept confidential if you prefer.



The role of the ombudsperson is to mediate between potentially opposing BIGSSS parties in case of conflicts which cannot be resolved internally.

Prof. Dagmar Borchers is the official ombudsperson of the University of Bremen.

Before consulting Prof. Dagmar Borchers, any problems should first be addressed to the respective Field Coordinator and the Director of Studies, or to other members of the Executive Team.


Elected Fellow Representatives & Equal Opportunity Officers

Reach our Fellows Representatives at and our Equal Opportunity Officers at 

For the current term, the following fellows have beend elected a fellows representative or equal opportunity officer:

Fellow Representatives

Aya Alwais
BIGSSS, Universität Bremen

Ernest Ayumu
BIGSSS, Universität Bremen

Research Interests

My research interest span around these fields:

  • Housing inequalities 
  • Urban development 
  • Disaster risk management 
  • Urban informality economy 

Julio Iturra-Sanhueza
BIGSSS, Universität Bremen

Research Interests

Social Comparison, Subjective Social Status, Social Stratification, Redistributive Preferences

Göksu Köktürk
BIGSSS, Universität Bremen

Research Interests

  • Care work
  • Feminist political ecology
  • Feminist political economy
  • Qualitative methods
  • Rural sociology


Sophia Landzettel
BIGSSS, Constructor University

Research Interests

  • Welfare states and social policy
  • Redistributive preferences
  • Deservingness opinion
  • Family policies
  • Gender inequalities

Felix Lanver
Universität Bremen, Socium

Samitha Udayanga
BIGSSS, Universität Bremen

Research Interests

Sociology of happiness

Subjective well-being of immigrants

Social policy on immigrants

South Asian studies

Equal Opportunity Officers

Prakashnee Govender
Universität Bremen, Institut für Arbeit und Wirtschaft (iaw)

Anh Tran
Universität Bremen, Socium

Research Interests

  • Social protection policies across the Global South
  • Social inclusion
  • Family policies
  • Gender and the welfare state