Teaching Opportunities

At BIGSSS, didactic training and teaching are integral components of the doctoral program. Especially for graduate students who aspire to careers in academia - even more so with the recent introduction of Junior Professorships in Germany - teaching experience is of great importance. However, a teaching portfolio is not only important for your career. It also furthers the mutual fertilization of research and teaching, and is beneficial to both researchers and students.

BIGSSS fellows, in close cooperation with faculty, teach BA as well as MA courses. The courses are chosen by - and sometimes even designed by - the fellow and are usually closely related to his or her dissertation. BIGSSS doctoral students are supported in their teaching by a didactic seminar.

In exchange programs with BIGSSS partner universities, qualified BIGSSS PhD candidates may have the opportunity to receive paid teaching assistantships at partner universities.

Depending on the PhD program you opt for, teaching is a mandatory (BIGSSS Regular) or optional (BIGSSS-departs) component of your doctoral education at BIGSSS.