BIGSSS-departs Inbound Program for Visiting Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Researchers

In 2018, BIGSSS launches its funded Inbound Program for visiting doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in the frame of its new EU COFUND BIGSSS-departs PhD Program.

BIGSSS-departs offers doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from its partner institutions the opportunity to conduct a visiting research stay at Bremen for up to six months. Reciprocal research stays at the international partner institutions will make an invaluable contribution to the further increase of international mobility, the building of sustainable networks, and the cross-national exchange in the training of promising early-stage researchers.

BIGSSS is part of the vibrant social sciences research landscape at the University of Bremen and Constructor University. Visiting doctoral and post-doctoral researchers alike profit from the graduate school’s ties to a number of out-standing social science research institutes, such as SOCIUM, InIIS and SFB 1243 on Global Dynamics of Social Policy at the University of Bremen and Focus Area Diversity at Constructor University.

BIGSSS-departs is an international program, with English as teaching and working language. Visiting PhD candidates and postdocs are encouraged to get engaged with the researchers of BIGSSS and the affiliated research institutes as well as to participate in the courses and events offered in BIGSSS’ three thematic fields:

  1. Global Governance and Regional Integration (BIGSSS @ University of Bremen)
  2. Welfare State, Inequality, and Quality of Life (BIGSSS @ University of Bremen)
  3. Changing Lives in Changing Socio-Cultural Contexts (BIGSSS @ Constructor University)

Furthermore, many visiting doctoral researchers benefit from the expertise in quantitative and qualitative empirical research methods offered by the BIGSSS Methods Center (BIGSSS @ both universities).


Conditions of the BIGSSS-departs Inbound Program

Workspace and Infrastructure

All visiting researchers receive an office space, IT infrastructure, and library access at BIGSSS.

Best time for a research stay

The best time to visit BIGSSS @ University of Bremen is during the semester times October-January and March-June.

The best time to visit BIGSSS @ Constructor University is during the semester times September-December and February-May

Length of the research stay

BIGSSS encourages research stays of a minimum of 2 months for up to 6 months.

Financial support

Visiting doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from our BIGSSS-departs partner network can apply for travel grants to co-finance their stay at BIGSSS. In case of a successful application, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers have to apply by submitting an application at least 10 weeks before the planned arrival date at BIGSSS. For application requirements and procedures, please see the grey info box on the left (desktop version) or below (mobile version).
  2. Applicants will be informed about their application within two weeks after submission.
  3. The BIGSSS-departs inbound travel grants cover the following costs: (a) return ticket (economy) from city of partner institute to Bremen, (b) unlimited BSAG public transport ticket in Bremen for 2 months, (c) a general one-time living allowance of €1300.
  4. Payment/Reimbursement procedure: The one-time living allowance of €1300 will be made in cash on the first working day at BIGSSS. The reimbursement of the return flight/train ticket and the unlimited BSAG public transport ticket will only be made after submission of all original travel receipts (boarding passes, proofs of payment) to BIGSSS’ administration.
  5. Please be aware that all visiting fellows need to present a proof of an international health insurance that covers the entire time of their stay in Germany.

Scientific Expertise at BIGSSS

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More Info

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