Individualization and Social Morality

SELF Project Line 6

Research conducted as part of Project Line 6 will investigate the relationship between self, social morality, and solidarity in advanced welfare societies. Does increasing relevance of independence and individual autonomy coincide with growing acceptance of social inequality? Would at the same time increasing economization and individualization contribute to the emergence of (especially right-wing) social movements which propagate a strong we-group with pronounced interdependent ties? Thus, these projects would not only investigate the role of independence-interdependence in individual thinking, feeling, and action, but rather in the emergence of large scale societal changes (i.e., for both institutions/organizations as well as the societal structure and culture as a whole).

Download the long description of project line 6, including potential research questions on individualization and social morality.

Supervisors in Project Line 6: Individualization and Social Morality

Prof. em. Johannes Huinink
Universität Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 218 67340

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen
Constructor University
Academic Chair (BIGSSS), Speaker RTG Self
Tel.: +49 421 200 3426

Research Interests

  • Cultural Differences in the Meaning of Choice
  • Learning and Teaching in Multicultural Settings
  • Foundations of Morality and Religious Beliefs

Prof. Dr. Simone Scherger
Universität Bremen, Socium
Academic Chair (BIGSSS)
Tel.: +49 421 218 58569

Dr. Franziska Deutsch
Constructor University
Academic Coordinator (CU)
Tel.: +49 421 200 3958

Research Interests

  • Political Culture, esp. Values and Value Change
  • Political Participation, esp. Protest

Adacemic Coordination

  • Research Training Group SELF
  • Regular and Affiliated PhD Fellows at Constructor University