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Joint winter program of BIGSSS and LIVES center

March 12 - March 18, 2018
University of Bremen, UNICOM, House 9,
Mary-Somerville-Str. 9
28359 Bremen
Series: BIGSSS Summer Schools

On March 12-18, 2018, BIGSSS and the National Centre of Competence in Research "LIVES - Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course Perspectives" jointly organize a winter school on life course.

During a one-week intensive program, internationally renowned experts will lead two thematically different workshops with the aim of preparing collaborative articles with the selected Early Stage Researchers, i.e. graduating PhD students and PhD students who have recently graduated, through learning by doing. Thus, the seven-day class will represent all stages of a research process from investigating the topic to setting research questions to the initial drafting of the articles that will be completed and published in the immediate aftermath of the workshops.


The 2018 workshops which applicants can participate in are:

1. Social networks, social participation and life transitions: a life course perspective.

This workshop will explore the complex interplay between life transitions and changes in personal networks and social participation. Such topics as pluralization and de-standardization of life courses, and increasing diversity in the occurrence and timing of life transitions will be covered.

2. How do values and political orientations develop across the life-span?

This workshop will explore the life-span development of value preferences and political orientations. Is it really the case that people’s value preferences are more or less stable once people have become of age? Is the old folk wisdom really true that people become politically ever more conservative, the older they get? How does early-life political activism affect later-life psychosocial well-being? These are the three main questions addressed in the workshop.


BIGSSS schools have always featured prolific keynote speakers and will also do so in 2018. So far our renowned internal and international experts include: Eric Widmer (Geneva University), Karin Wall (University Of Lisbon), Rita Gouveia (University Of Lisbon), Marie Baeriswyl (Geneva University), Klaus Boehnke (Jacobs University), Regina Arant (Jacobs University), Maria Pavlova (University Of Vechta), and Clemens Lechner (Gesis, Mannheim; Tbc).



For more info on the program, applications requirements, and conditions of application, please visit the BIGSSS-LIVES Winter School website.