Research Outcomes


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Simulation Models:

Summer/Winter School participation:

  • BIGSSS Computational Social Science Summer School on Conflict, July, 23 – August 3, 2018
  • BIGSSS Computational Social Science Summer School on Migration, June 10 - June 21 2019

Conference Proceedings:

  • Paolillo, R. & Jager, W. (2016). United We Stand? Simulating Acculturation Processes in a Migration Context Using MigrAgent (2016). Social Simulation Conference 2016, Rome, Italy.

Conference Talk:

  • Gallagher, N. & Paolillo, R. (2020). Network preference and norms affiliation: their potential for intragroup and intergroup conflict. Social Simulation Week 2020, Milan, Italy (online conference).
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  • Paolillo, R. (2017). United we stand? Simulating acculturation processes in a migration context using MigrAgent. Workshop Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Social Behavior, University of Bremen, Germany.

Conference Poster:

  • Paolillo, R., & Lorenz, J. (2017). Including Attitude Similarities in Schelling’s Model of Residential Segregation. Workshop "Opinion Dynamics & Collective Decisions", Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.
  • Paolillo, R., & Jager, W. (2015). Immigration and Ethnocentrism: A Conceptual Design for a Social Simulation Model. XI European Social Simulation Association Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands.


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