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Last week and this week, elections for Fellow Representative and Equal Opportunity Officers (EOOs) at BIGSSS took place. Felix Lanver, Göksü Köktürk, and Julio Iturra join the team of Fellow Representatives. Felix is an Affiliated Fellow of the cohort 2022 working in the CRC 1342 project Global Dynamics of Coverage and Generosity in Work-Injury Compensation, Unemployment and Old-Age Pensions. Göksu and Julio are both Regular Fellows of the cohort 2022 in the BIGSSS-DAAD program GloWel. Re-elected as Fellow Representatives are Adio-Adet Tichafara (Affiliated Fellow, zap), Tanya Keni (Regular PhD Fellow, RTG Self), and Anne Speer (Affiliated PhD Fellow, FGZ). They all belong to the cohort 2021. Carina Hartz (Regular PhD Fellow, RTG Self, cohort 2021) moves from the Equal Opportunity Officers team to the Fellow Representatives team.

As Equal Oppprtunity Officers, Gonzalo Arevalo Iglesias and Catalina Ganga Leon and Gamze Ipek are re-elected. Gonzalo and Catalina are both Regular PhD Fellows of the BIGSSS-DAAD Program GloWel of the cohort 2021, Gamze is a Regular PhD fellows of the RTG Self of the cohort 2021.

Congratulation to all newly elected and re-elected Fellow Representatives and Equal Opportunity Officers! We look forward to the cooperation ahead.

In addition, also a big “Thank you” for the amazing and dedicated work of the Fellow Representative and Equal Opportunity Officers over the past year including their involvement in the selection of new fellows and the Best Paper Award, preparation, and input for official BIGSSS meetings, raising awareness for concerns of fellows, and, together with other fellows, organizing a conference for Early Career Researchers. BIGSSS as an institution and as a community relies on such commitment and engagement!


Fellow Representation

As the name suggests, the Fellow Representatives represent the concerns of the doctoral (and postdoctoral) students at BIGSSS and are thus involved at all important levels of the organizational structure of BIGSSS. For example, the Fellow Representatives participate in the selection process of new fellows and are members of BIGSSS' Academic Council.


Equal Opportunity Officers

The EOOs advocate diversity and equal opportunities with respect to ethnicity, language, religion, dis-/ability, age, sexual orientation, gender, and family responsibilities. As such, they provide information on anti-discrimination policies and are the point of contact for equality issues for Fellows on all BIGSSS selection procedures.


Also see the information on participation, diversity, and equal opportunities.


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