Gonzalo Arevalo Iglesias
Gonzalo Arevalo Iglesias

Universität Bremen


Unicom, Haus 7, Room: 7.3100

Regular Ph.D. Fellow, Field B, Cohort 2021

Research Interests

Family Solidarity; Social Policy Attitudes; Welfare State; Labour Market Inequalities; Quantitative Methods; Survey Methodology

Dissertation topic
Intergenerational Solidarity and Social Policy Attitudes in Cross-National Perspective

Dissertation abstract
Although research on social policy attitudes has explored multiple explanatory factors, it has barely addressed the role played by the family in welfare provision. The proposed dissertation intends to tackle this research gap by focusing on the financial dimension of intergenerational solidarity. As parents and adult children exchange resources to insure each other against life contingencies, the need for social benefits shrinks, but an undesired dependency on family solidarity might also lead to increased demands for public provision. The interplay between familyand state-based welfare provision and its’ potential effects on welfare attitudes are explored, considering different specific policy designs from a comparative perspective, emphasising how institutional and cultural factors determine differences in family support across societies. The proposed studies take a quantitative approach based on the use of secondary survey data.

Academic Supervisors
Patrick Sachweh
Nate Breznau