Dr. Regina Arant
Dr. Regina Arant


Tel.: +49 421 200 3412


Mon, Wed: Unicom, Haus 7, Room: 7.3110
Tue: South Hall, Room: 206

Director of Studies (BIGSSS)

Research Interests

  • Social Cohesion
  • Construction and Change of Geopolitical Identities
  • Personality and Identity Development in Response to Intercultural Experiences
  • Acceptance of Diversity


Methods Expertise

  • Mixed Methods
  • Survey Design and Methodology
  • Secondary Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Research Methods, such as (Expert) Interviews, Focus Groups, and Creative Workshops


Service Areas

  • Questions around the Curriculum
  • Consulting and mentoring regarding the whole dissertation process
  • Conflict management
  • Strategic and organizational development