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"Chantal Mouffe und die Institutionenfrage"

BIGSSS PhD Fellow Stefan Wallaschek published a new article on "Chantal Mouffe und die Institutionenfrage" in Budrichs Journals' Zeitschrift für Politische Theorie.

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Abstract "Chantal Mouffe und die Institutionenfrage"

Theories of radical democracy are one of the most discussed approaches in current theories of democracy. One of the most important proponents is Chantal Mouffe. She is pleading for an agonistic democracy theory and imagines the political as a non-reconcilable conflict. These antagonistic conflicts are channeled through institutions into agonisms in western-liberal democracies. However, it remains unclear, what institutions are and how she defines them. In fact, it is argued that Mouffe does not address institutional settings in greater detail which creates a gap in her approach. As a result, she underestimates the inherent conflictual and agonistic character of institutions. By referring to the neo-poulantzian analysis of the state, the aim is fill this theoretical gap in Mouffe’s approach in order to theorize the agonistics of institutions.