Curriculum Vitae


2017 - to date: Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), PhD Fellow
Field C: Changing Lives in Changing Socio-Cultural Contexts
2015 - 2016: Leiden University, MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology
2014 - 2015: University of Belgrade, MA in Educational Psychology
2010 - 2014: University of Belgrade, BA in Psychology

2013 - to date: Serbian Constructivist Association, Advanced Psychotherapy course
2012 - 2013: Serbian Constructivist Association, Basic Psychotherapy course


2017: Teaching Assistant - Jacobs University, Course on Professional and Academic Skills
Managing classes for first-year bachelor students independently, using an interactive approach, facilitating discussions to boost group dynamics and build on competency, oral presentations, planning class activities, and managing schedule.

2017: Psychologist - Jesuit Refugee Service
Providing psychological support to unaccompanied refugee children and adolescents, designing and managing workshops, providing psychotherapy sessions.

2016 - 2017: Junior Researcher - Junior Researcher Programme
Developing cross-cultural mixed methods study, designing and conducting focus groups, running secondary analyses of trends, writing manuscripts for publication, and presenting the project at conferences.

2015 - 2016: Research Intern - Leiden University, Developmental Psychology
Conducting cross-cultural research, involved in all stages of the scientific process: integrating multiple sources to design questionnaires, carrying out moderation analyses, and preparing article for publication.

2014 - 2015: Teaching Assistant - University of Belgrade, Courses on Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Social Psychology

2011 - 2013: Volunteer - Center for Youth Integration
Organizing and managing arts and crafts workshops for Roma preschool children, supporting and facilitating their integration in Serbian society by guiding them in groups to school, and encouraging positive life choices and academic development to help them overcome challenges.

2010 - 2011: Co-Founder and Project Manager - Youth Education Committee
Coordinating projects, teaching and facilitating workshops for high-school students, promoting diversity, fighting prejudice and raising awareness of nationalistic hatred within ex-Yugoslavian territories, teaching high school students to successfully mediate conflicts between classmates and promote cordial resolution of conflicts.


2017 - to date BIGSSS
Negotiating Personal Values in a Complex Social World: Well-being Implications for Emerging Adults (Presented at the International Convention of Psychological Science in Paris, France on 07 March, 2019)

2016 Leiden University
- ‘Talkin’ about my generation’: exploring changes in adolescents’ well-being across several European countries (Presented at the Annual Junior Researcher Programme Conference in Cambridge, United Kingdom on 14 August, 2017).

- Teachers’ attitudes on inclusive education of students with intellectual disability: cross-cultural study between Serbia and the Netherlands (Presented at the Annual International School Psychology Association Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 22 July, 2016).

- Effects of dynamic training in analogical reasoning on progression in accuracy and transfer: examining gifted and gifted underachievers (Presented at the Annual Poster Session of the jSchool, held by the Junior Researcher Programme in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, on 13 July, 2016).

2010 – 2015 University of Belgrade
- Will I be pretty, will I be rich: Exploring Serbian, French, and German adolescents' concepts of future self

- Multiple perspectives on the involvement of parents in school activities

- Deconstructing school failure: dynamics between teachers’ and ‘unsuccessful’ pupils’ conceptions and actions

- Social attitudes and attachment patterns in Serbian adolescents

- Religiosity, superstition, and locus of control in Serbian adolescents (Presented at the Empirical Research in Psychology Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, on 6 February, 2009 and at The Annual Conference of Petnica Science Center in Petnica, Serbia in July, 2009).

- Who’s the thief? Prejudices in Serbian high-school students against Albanians