Dr. Gulnaz Isabekova
Dr. Gulnaz Isabekova

Affiliated Ph.D. Fellow, Cohort 2015

Dissertation topic
The Impact of Donor-State-Civil Society Interaction on the Sustainability of Health Aid. Case Studies of Projects combatting Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan

Dissertation abstract
Dissertation abstract International development organizations have actively participated in healthcare reforms of post-Soviet countries since the 1990s. However, within the last ten years, the health aid to this region decreased by almost a third. The drastic decrease in health aid is not necessarily compensated by public spending, which jeopardizes the sustainability of the health activities previously covered by donors. Based on the case studies of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS programs in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, this thesis analyzes the sustainability of health aid by linking it to the interaction between the stakeholders.

Current Job
University of Bremen
Research Centre for East European Studies
Research Fellow