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BIGSSS Alumnus Henning Deters published a new article on "Waiting for Merkron: The Franco-German Relationship and Eurozone Reform after the Elections" (2017) with co-author Magnus G. Schoeller.

Download article Waiting for Merkron.


BIGSSS Alumnus Frank A. Stengel published two new articles on "Non-state Actors and Foreign Policy in Cameron Thies" (2017) with co-author and former BIGSSS Field Coordinator Rainer Baumann and on "Social Media, Gender and the Mediatisation of War: Exploring the German Armed Forces’ Visual Representation of the Afghanistan Operation on Facebook" (2017) with co-author David Shim.

Download article Non-state Actors and Foreign Policy through research gate.

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BIGSSS Alumnus Stephan Köppe published two new book sections in edited volumes: 

Köppe, S (2017) 'What crisis? Welfare state expansion during the oil crisis' In: Eklund, E (eds). The Welfare State at the End of the Long Boom, 1965-1980. Frankfurt/M: Peter Lang. (in press)

Köppe, S (2017) 'A bicycle built for three. Private school governance and politics in the United States' In: Koinzer, T; Nikolai, R; Waldow, F (eds). Private Schools and School Choice in Compulsory Education. Global Change and National Challenge. Wiesbaden: Springer. , pp.9-29