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This Time with an Interesting New Feature!

Dear BIGSSS fellows,

Our Director of Studies Mandy Boehnke is pleased to inform you that the BIGSSS Best Paper Award is going into its next round!

The award honors the author(s) of an exceptional paper combining cutting-edge research, relevance and originality. 

This time we will have for the first time two categories, single-authored and co-authored papers. For the second category co-authorship with doctoral fellows, postdocs and faculty members from BIGSSS or other institutions is possible, with a BIGSSS doctoral fellow as first author. The award is endowed with a prize money of € 500 for each category. 

Last years' winners were:

  • 2017: Andreas Katsikidis with his paper "Diversity or Ranking? Revisiting the Impact of Income Inequality on Generalized Trust"
  • 2016: Emanuel Deutschmann with his paper "The Spatial Structure of Transnational Human Activity"  (published in Social Science Research)
  • 2015: Benjamin Brast with his paper "Regional Dimensions of Statebuilding Interventions"  (published in International Peacekeeping)
  • 2014: Rose Keller with her paper "Urban Growth in the Fragmented Landscape: Estimating the Relationship between Landscape Pattern and Urban Land Use Change in Germany, 2000-2006"
  • 2013: Evgenia Bystrov with her paper "Testing the Second Demographic Transition Theory with Seemingly Unrelated Regression: Marital Postponement and Human Empowerment" (published in European Sociological Review).

The BIGSSS Best Paper Award has been established to recognize fellows' hard work.

Please feel invited to submit your papers until December 31st, 2017. Details (eligibility, composition of the selection committee, etc.) are outlined in the Call for Papers.

The winner(s) will be announced at our next BIGSSS Meeting of Members in spring 2018.

So let's start (or finish) writing - we are looking forward to your papers!