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Call for Applications

BIGSSS currently offers a postdoc position at BIGSSS Thematic Field C "Changing Lives in Changing Sociocultural Contexts" at Jacobs University.

The aim of the BIGSSS Postdoc Program is for our postdocs to produce a significant scientific output (e.g. to publish a journal article or book, write a grant proposal, organize a conference or workshop).

The postdoctoral position is paid in line with payment regulations of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) and funded until 31. Dec. 2018, with a possibility to be prolonged to an overall duration of 24 months.

The program provides our postdocs with the opportunity, resources, and support to:

  • advance their academic careers in the vivid environment of an interdisciplinary graduate school with a strong international research network,
  • present their research at international conferences and build up international networks,
  • disseminate their research finding in scientific publication outlets
  • write grant proposals,
  • organize a conference or workshop,
  • teach and supervise,
  • participate in transferable skills training (e.g., didactics, media, career) and establish a mentoring relationship with senior faculty.

In return, BIGSSS expects its postdocs to engage with the BIGSSS PhD-fellows (discussion, mentoring, supervision), and to actively participate in BIGSSS courses (doctoral colloquium, lecture series) as well as academic and social events. Postdoctoral fellows should conduct English-language research projects and have full professional proficiency in English.

Application Process

Please note: the application process for this call has ended!*

To apply for the postdoc position in BIGSSS Field C, please

  1. download the Postdoc Field C call for applications,
  2. make sure to submit all required documents listed in the application materials,
  3. submit your application as described in the offical Jacobs University job advertisement.