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... With Many BIGSSS Fellows Among the Graduates!

On June 9th, 2017, around 365 graduates from more than 60 countries received their diplomas at the Jacobs University graduation -- including many BIGSSS doctoral fellows!

The moving ceremony began with the procession of graduates and faculty and a welcome speech by President Katja Windt. Tim Cole held the keynote address on the digital transformation of society, and an honorary doctorate was presented to Nobel Prize winner Professor Randy Schekmann of the University of California, Berkeley, for his contributions to science. And of course, the traditional cap toss by the graduates in front of the, concluded the ceremony and kicked off the celebrations.

Many congratulations to all of the graduates, included BIGSSS' very own PhD graduates: Hilal Arslan, Anna Noack, Mauricio Reichenbachs, Aenne Schoop, Adrian Stanciu, Amanda Whittal, and Ge Yu! Congratulations also go to current BIGSSS Fellow, Dennis Redeker, who received his Master of Arts in International Relations!