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Meeting of DVPW’s IR Section | Bremen | October 4-6, 2017

The next meeting of DVPW’s IR Section will take place in Bremen on October 4-6, 2017 (more info will follow soon).

Please find below a panel proposal for the meeting. If the subject and panel description spark your interest, please submit an abstract of no more than 200 words until 24 March 2017 to:

Anna Wolkenhauer (BIGSSS) at and Stefan Wallaschek (BIGSSS) -

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Call for Papers: "The Externalisation Society in Global Politics"

Panel for the “5. Offene Sektionstagung” of the IR section in the DVPW | Discussant: Stephan Lessenich (LMU Munich)

The consumption patterns and ways of living in the privileged Global North are based on an externalisation of their human and natural costs.  Adverse labour conditions, environmental pollution and the effects of global warming in developing countries are a consequence of the international capitalist economic system. While we have successfully managed to immunise ourselves against this knowledge, terrorism, climate change, and migration movements increasingly trespass national borders and fortresses – and show plainly the interconnections of the world society.

Lessenich suggests to study the (global) externalisation society by looking at structures, mechanisms and practices. The structural dimension emphasises the global societal dimension of externalisation and goes beyond the 'methodological nationalism'. Mechanisms underline the relational actions of individuals and groups due to forms of exploitation or social demarcations. Practices can be understood in the Bourdieuian sense and combined with the 'habitus' concept. All three categories seem to be crucial to understand and explain the global externalisation society.

This panel serves as an invitation to take up this call by investigating concrete cases (either in each of the three dimensions or by focusing on one of them). It aims at developing strategies of empirical research of a phenomenon that should be key for critical IR. Questions that could be addressed are:

  • How can we conceptualise, measure and uncover inequalities between the Global North and Global South?
  • How do theories of IR, global politics, world society etc. reflect and link up with the notion of externalisation society?
  • Which discursive strategies are used by actors for legitimising unequal power relations?
  • How have types of habitus in Global North and Global South societies developed and changed?
  • What are the interdependences between externalisation societies and e. g. climate change, social inequalities, forms of domination and migration movements, and can one speak of “backfiring”?
  • What kind of protests and counter-movements are formed against the externalisation society (globally as well as locally)?
  • How do global and local actors interact in cases of externalisation?

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