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BIGSSS–departs network connects excellent PhD students and high-profile Social Science institutes worldwide

Beginning in February 2017, BIGSSS offers a new and innovative EU funded PhD program in the Social Sciences.

BIGSSS-departs is a full-time international PhD program. It provides close supervision of dissertation work in a demand-tailored education and research environment at the University of Bremen and Bremen’s Jacobs University. Program fellows commit themselves to a 42-month structured curriculum, including a six-month stay abroad at one of the networks’ renowned partner institutions: University of Edinburgh, Duke University, Manipal University, Moscow Higher School of Economics, Sciences Po/Paris, Universitá degli studi di Milano, IIR Kiev, UNC at Chapel Hill, Bertelsmann Foundation and Edna Pasher PhD & Associates/Tel Aviv.

In return, BIGSSS-departs, a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, offers PhD students from our partner institutions the opportunity to conduct a visiting research stay at Bremen for up to six months. Reciprocal research stays at the international partner institutions will make an invaluable contribution to the further increase of inter­national mobility, the building of sustainable networks, and the cross-national exchange in the training of promising early-stage researchers.

BIGSSS-departs is an international program, with English as teaching and working language. Doctoral researchers are recruited globally and will pursue a dissertation project in one of BIGSSS’ three thematic fields. Admitted fellows of the program receive employment contracts. Funds for fieldwork, conference participation and travel costs are provided.

The first BIGSSS-departs cohort of 10 fellows will start in February 2017. Another 10 BIGSSS-departs fellows will take up their posts in September 2017.

For more information on the BIGSSS-departs PhD Program and admissions requirements, please follow this link.

You can also download the BIGSSS-departs program flyer.