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Congratulations to PhD Fellow Emanuel Deutschmann on an Excellent Piece of Research

Emanuel Deutschmann, BIGSSS PhD fellow in Thematic Field C, received this year’s Best Paper Award for his paper on "The Spatial Structure of Transnational Human Activity". The award was presented at the BIGSSS Meeting of Members on May 30th, 2016.

This year’s committee was composed of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen, Prof. Dr. Steffen Hillmert, Prof. Dr. Martin Nonhoff, Postdocs Dr. Jonathan Latner and Dr. Matthias Meyer-Schwarzenberger, and PhD Fellow Marufa Akter.

The committee was very impressed with the quality of all nine submissions. However, the degree of consensus among the committee members that Emanuel Deutschmann’s paper was in fact the best one of all submissions this year was remarkable, also given the fact that the committee members come from very different disciplinary and methodological backgrounds.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen, chair of the committee, emphasized in his laudation the originality and interdisciplinary approach of the paper, making it an excellent example of the benefits of interdisciplinary work which is at the core of BIGSSS’ mission. Furthermore, the committee appreciated that the paper is "intriguing, and, in fact, a joy to read."

This truly sounds like a great read! Emanuel Deutschmann’s paper was published in Social Science Research and can be downloaded here.

Great job, Emanuel and everyone else! Let’s keep up the good work and we hope to receive just as many excellent submissions for next year’s Best Paper Award (due date: December 31, 2016).