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Drei Mal ist Bremer Recht! We are delighted to announce that our proposal, "Contentious Politics in the Digital Age" (CoPoDiA), has been positively evaluated by the DAAD Graduate Scholars Program (GSSP). This marks our third success in this funding line, following similar achievements in 2020 and 2022. The accomplishment will enable us to establish a cohort of eight active GSSP Fellows in the coming years.

 The DAAD GSSP programs have greatly enhanced BIGSSS' international presence and significantly enriched Bremen's social sciences research, particularly in non-Western contexts. Building on our previous examinations of global welfare systems and comparative social cohesion, our upcoming program will explore the impact of digitalization on political activism, social movements, and socio-political conflicts. CoPoDiA will particularly focus on the role of social media in mobilization and protest dynamics, and will emphasize the use of new digital data sources and computational methods, especially in regions like the Global South where traditional media may be limited.

We are proud to collaborate with ten distinguished PIs, who bring a wide range of expertise, also in digital data science, critical media studies, and computational social science. They are: Prof. Dr. Hilke Brockmann (Constructor University), Prof. Dr. Stephanie Geise (ZeMKI, UB), Prof. Dr. Sebastian Haunss (SOCIUM, UB), Prof. Dr. Sophia Hunger (SOCIUM, UB), Prof. Dr. Thomas Kern (SOCIUM, UB), Dr. Mandi Larsen (Constructor University), Prof. Dr. Jan Lorenz (Constructor University), Prof. Dr. Martin Nonhoff (InIIS, UB), Prof. Dr. Cornelius Puschmann (ZeMKI, UB), and Prof. Dr. Patrick Sachweh (BIGSSS/SOCIUM, University of Bremen).

For the years 2025 and 2026, BIGSSS will offer a total of four fellowships (each lasting 48 months). As this program continues to grow, with its fascinating projects and diverse international researchers, we are optimistic about further strengthening doctoral education in this vital area of Bremen's social sciences.

For more information, please contact Dr. Christian Peters.