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It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of this year's BIGSSS Best Paper Award, revealed at our Meeting of Members on May 15. This esteemed prize recognizes the most outstanding research contributions within our academic community, and we are honored to acknowledge the exceptional work of our talented doctoral fellows.

Congratulations to:

  • Gonzalo Arévalo Iglesias, whose single-authored paper "Intergenerational Cohabitation and Welfare Attitudes Among European Young Adults" demonstrated exceptional scholarship and intellectual rigor.

  • Henriette Bering and co-author Wiebke Schulz, whose paper "Can Sports and Music Level the Playing Field? Adolescents' Extracurricular Activities and the Reproduction of Social Inequalities in Cognitive Skills" showcased remarkable analytical depth and insight.

Our selection committee, chaired by Patrick Sachweh and comprising Ulrich Kühnen, Markus Tepe, Dennis Redecker, Aya Alwais, and Sophia Landzettel, had the challenging task of selecting the best from a pool of outstanding submissions. The committee's expertise and dedication were evident in the laudatory speeches delivered by Sophia, Aya, and Patrick, which highlighted the significance and impact of the awarded research.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants for their exceptional submissions, which made the selection process highly competitive. We also acknowledge the tireless efforts of our committee members in reviewing and discussing the papers, and the inspiring speeches delivered by Sophia, Aya, and Patrick.

It is truly remarkable that, year after year, our students continue to submit articles that push the boundaries of research and keep this institution thriving. This is a testament to the BIGSSS spirit and a reflection of our community's commitment to academic excellence.

Once again, congratulations to Henriette and Gonzalo on their outstanding achievements!