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With great sorrow BIGSSS has to announce the passing of our long-time photographer and friend Lukas Klose.

It is with sadness and a heavy heart that we at BIGSSS learned of the sudden passing of our esteemed colleague and friend, Lukas Klose. Lukas was a cherished member of our community, known for his incredible photographic talent and extraordinary human presence. As one of the first faces new fellows encountered at BIGSSS, he played a pivotal role in their initial experience at our graduate school. His exceptional skills behind the camera were evident from the start; his sessions were highly anticipated events, with time slots filling up quickly as faculty, staff, and fellows, both new and old, sought to have their moments captured through his lens. His journey with us began as a student assistant at the Jacobs University branch of BIGSSS, where his remarkable talents first came to light. Over the years, he became our visual storyteller, skillfully capturing the essence of our community and the individual personalities within it.

Lukas's impact extended far beyond his photographic contributions. He was known for his vibrant personality, a blend of gravitas and intelligence with that endeared him to all who had the good fortune to interact with him. His transition last summer to a full-time position in the Public Relations Department at the University of Bremen brought him even closer to our daily lives.

The news of his untimely departure on January 6th left us all in a state of shock and deep sadness. The loss of Lukas is not just the loss of a talented photographer or a valued colleague to many at this university; it is the loss of a unique human being, a great story that ended much too soon. His absence has created a void that words cannot adequately express. You will be deeply missed.