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BIGSSS’ co-founding institution, Jacobs University, will from now on operate under a new name: Constructor University. The essence of the former Jacobs University will remain though: an international community, vibrant and diverse, rooted in academic excellence. Values, such as diversity, tolerance and a sense of community continue to be essential on campus. A culture rooted in leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit, and skills, such as critical and creative thinking and problem solving, remain an important part of the university’s approach.

“We will take this university – a special place for so many – even further than it has come in the past twenty years. Science and education are ever evolving, and so are universities. We are proud to have such a strong foundation to build upon, when building the unique pathway for a future as Constructor University,” said Fabio Pammolli, President of the University.

The rebranding is based on the rapid growth of the former Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT), founded by Dr. Serg Bell in 2019, who became the majority shareholder of the private university in Bremen-Nord just last year. As it has become a global organization with locations in more than 15 countries and a global network, this should be reflected in a new and broader brand name: Constructor group. Constructor is a global institution, dedicated to promoting science, education, and cutting-edge technology. Related entities such as Alemira by Constructor, Rolos by Constructor, Constructor Learning and Constructor Capital aim to not only cover the entire learning lifecycle but also to break ground on next-generation research capacities, and platforms.

As a part of this Constructor ecosystem, Constructor University faculty and students will benefit from partnerships with high-ranked universities worldwide, such as Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Geneva, and the National University of Singapore's School of Computing, not to mention the variety of technology and innovation-driven companies.

From Constructor University’s press release from November 28, 2022 on the rebranding of Jacobs University. Please direct official requests regarding the rebranding to Constructor University's press officer Daisy Juknischke-Heinsen.

Within the next weeks, the rebranding of Jacobs University will become visible on the BIGSSS’ website.