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We welcome our new colleagues Rena Tecklenburg and Judith Vey, both of whom started working in September 2022.

Rena Tecklenburg will take over the task of coordinating the curriculum and providing study-related administration in the absence of the current Director of Studies. She joins our team for the next 8 months. Previously, Rena worked at BIGSSS in a project on value change and intergenerational value transmission focused on interethnic families.

Dr. Judith Vey is the new Academic Coordinator of BIGSSS @ UB and is responsible for providing content-related support and advice to the Fellows as well as coordinating the two ongoing DAAD GSSP programs. Judith acts as the academic interface to the social science research institutes of the university and also takes on supporting activities in the current cluster application of the UB social sciences in the Excellence Initiative. Judith  is a sociologist by training who received her PhD from the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. Before this position, she was the head of the research area "Social movements, technology, conflict" at the Technical University Berlin. She is also a lecturer in the promotion of young talent.

The whole team at BIGSSS is looking forward to working with Rena Tecklenburg and Judith Vey!