BIGSSS welcomes two new visiting fellows › view all


Welcome to Markus Wienbreyer!

Markus Wienbreyer is a visiting researcher from the University of Valencia (Faculty of Economy). He is interested in research on intercultural finance and financial decision making. In his dissertation Markus is working on „The influence of culture and religion on the capital structure of SME - A pan European quantitative research“. 

He will remain at BIGSSS through March 2022 and is located Jacobs University Campus.


Welcome to Shepherd Mutsvara!

Shepherd Mutsvara is a visiting researcher from the Pedagogical University of Krakow (Poland). His research interests are Asylum procedures, Refugee protection and Externalization. 

Shepherd Mutsvara is pursuing a joint doctorate program in Political Sciences and Administration with an emphasis on Migration Law. His doctoral research project (is) titled “Economic refugees: an analysis of persecution and displacement in the new global era”. Shepherd is a versatile professional with teaching experience in both secondary and tertiary education. He is also a member of the Migration Law Research Group at Ghent University and Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (Africa Research Group).

Shepherd is staying at BIGSSS till April 2022 on the University of Bremen campus.


We look forward to learn more about their research projects and to fruitful collborations!