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7th European Workshops in International Studies | Brussels | July 1-4, 2020

BIGSSS PhD fellows Anna Wolkenhauer and John Berten invite abstracts for a workshop on "Strangeness as an Asset: Workshop on Self-Reflexivity in Global Social and Development Policy" at the 7th European Workshops in International Studies.

The workshop will take place in Brussels on July 1-4, 2020. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is January 13, 2020.

Download the Call for Papers.


Workshop Summary:

How to theorise knowledge production in Global Social Policy and Development (GSP&D), and how to reflect on our own role in the process? While research on social policy beyond the global North has recently proliferated, its often transnational origins are still undertheorised. How do global ideas emerge, travel and interact with different national and local contexts?

John Berten and Anna Wolkenhauer argue that there is a gap, and that this should be filled in a self-reflexive way. As critical IR scholars have argued, there is a need for taking into account multi-level power dynamics within the knowledge and evidence production apparatus as well as the constitutive effects of methods as social devices.


Application / Submission of Abstracts:

Please submit abstracts that deal with questions such as, how can we reflexively theorise knowledge-production in GSP&D, and how can IR’s meta-theoretical reflexivity inform emancipatory empirical research?

Abstracts need to be submitted through EISA until January 13, 2020.

For more information, please contact John Berten at
or Anna Wolkenhauer at