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Eloisa Harris and Stefan Wallaschek organize double panels at DVPW Comparative Politics Conference 2019

On March 21-23, the latest conference on “Governance of Big Transformations” of the section 'Comparative Politics' of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) took place at the School of Governance, Technical University of Munich.

Among the 25 panels, two double panels were devoted to the study of solidarity in its multifaceted nature. In the first double panel, organised by Raphaela Hobbach (LMU Munich),
Ann-Kathrin Reinl (GESIS) and BIGSSS fellow Stefan Wallaschek, the theme was "New Perspectives on Solidarity in Europe in Times of Crisis". The presentations looked at public discourse and policy debates as well as at citizen's responses to the multiple crises and the state of solidarity.

In the second double panel on "European Welfare States after Crisis: Actor Centred Approaches to the Politics of Exclusive Solidarity", organized by BIGSSS fellows Eloisa Harris and Stefan Wallaschek, and Mikko Kuisma (University of Tübingen), the panelists discussed conceptual and empirical findings of welfare chauvinism and how partisan conflicts shape welfare

Eloisa also presented her own dissertation work and offered a new conceptual framework to study welfare chauvinism while Stefan discussed the framing of solidarity in the Euro crisis and Europe's migration crisis in his presentation.