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Populism and World Politics: Exploring Inter- and Transnational Dimensions

BIGSSS PhD alumnus Frank Stengel (Kiel University) published a new edited volume on "Populism and World Politics: Exploring Inter- and Transnational Dimensions" with co-editors David B. MacDonald (University fo Guelph) and Dirk Nabers (Kiel University). The book was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The book "Populism and World Politics" is available online through the Palgrave Macmillan or Springer website.



This volume is the first to analyze populism’s international dimension: its impact on, and interaction with, foreign policy and international politics. The contributions to this volume engage conceptual theoretical issues and overarching questions such as the still under-specified concept of populism or the importance of leadership and the mass media for populism’s global rise. They zoom in on populism’s effect on both different countries’ foreign policies and core international concerns, including the future of the liberal world order and the chances for international conflict and cooperation more generally.

The volume includes chapters by:

  • Jan Zeemann on the possibility of an emancipatory global populist project
  • María Esperanza Casullo on the importance of leadership for populist movements
  • Precious Chatterje-Doody and Rhys Crilley on global media and populism
  • Dirk Nabers and myself on sedimented practices in Donald J. Trump’s election campaign
  • Brian Budd on Kellie Leitch’s failed campaign in Canada
  • Grant Burrier on the impact of populist presidencies on trade and defense policies in Latin America
  • Daniel Wajner on the impact of classical populism, neoliberal and progressive neopopulism on Latin American foreign policie
  • David B. MacDonald on the foreign policy of Winston Peters’s New Zealand First part
  • Thorsten Wojczewski on Modi’s populist project in Indi
  • Robert Patman on populist challenges to liberal world order
  • Shane Markowitz on populism as a socio-material phenomenon in the context of genetically modified organisms
  • and Amy Skonieczny on the 2016 US presidential election’s effect on the Trans-Pacific Partnership