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Two BIGSSS Symposia on Value Change at IACPP Congress

Summer time is conference time!

From July 1-5, 2018, the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) held their 24th Congress on "Multiculturalism in a Global Perspective: Benefits and Challenges" at the City University of Guelph, Canada. Boasting a colourful array of topics and approaches, the conference was attended by scholars from numerous international universities.

The congress was the perfect opportunity for BIGSSS fellows, faculty, and alumni to elaborate on some of the projects they have worked on in two BIGSSS symposia:


BIGSSS Symposium on "Value-Behavior Relation, Value Priorities and Value Change"

Chair: Mandy Boehnke | Discussion: Jan Cieciuch


Social Construction of the Value-Behavior Relation

Vladimir Ponizovskiy, Lusine Grigoryan, Ulrich Kühnen, and Klaus Boehnke

Are Personal Values Less Stable than We Think? Results from a Comparative Longitudinal Study with German Exchange Students in the US, Europe and Latin America

Regina Arant and Klaus Boehnke

Introducing the ‘Distribution Approach’ as an Alternative Methodology to Empirically Arrive at Value Priorities at the Culture Level

Adrian Stanciu, Erich H. Witte, and Klaus Boehnke


BIGSSS Symposium on "Immigration and Value Change – Interdisciplinary Perspectives"

Chair: Franziska Deutsch | Discussion: Michael Bond


Changing Values through Immigration?

Mandy Boehnke and Franziska Deutsch

The Three Facets of National Identity: Identity Dynamics and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Russia

Lusine Grigoryan and Vladimir Ponizovskiy

Agent-based Models: A Methodological Tool to Investigate the Emergence of Multicultural Societies

Rocco Paolillo

Furthermore, BIGSSS postdoc Dora Simunovic presented the paper "God's Loyal Opposition: An Evolutionary Perspective on Theism and Atheism" and a poster on "Minority v. Majority: Intergroup Conflict as a Structural Phenomenon", fellow Malgorzata Jakubowska a co-authored paper with her supervisor Ulrich Kühnen on “Are Meta-ethical Beliefs the Key to Understanding Anti-atheist Prejudice?”and alumna Marieke van Egmond one on “Gender Inequity Norms and Self-Esteem in two African countries: The Role of Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction for Adolescent Girls in Malawi and Mozambique”.

Alexandra Mittelstädt organized a session on “Acculturation and Integration of Migrants and Ethnic Groups: Negotiating Acculturation Orientations in a World of Increasing Diversity where she also presented her paper “Constructing Integration Orientation through Social Media: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Turk and Koreans in Germany”.