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BIGSSS Re-Union at the 2018 ISA RC28 Spring Meeting

Look at that! Happy conference greetings from BIGSSS PhD fellows Lara Minkus, Arline Rave, Ulrike Ehrlich, Katharina Klug, Nora Waitkus and BIGSSS alumni Nate Breznau, Florian Hertel and Judith Offerhaus from the 2018 ISA RC28 Spring Meeting on "Rethinking Social Inequality in the Globalizing World" in Seoul!

The BIGSSS re-union at Yonsei University went rather successful: Besides intense and inspiring discussions on social stratification and diverse networking opportunities, Lara Minkus and Nora Waitkus won travel awards in recognition of good scholarship in the field of stratification.

Enjoy the rest of your stay and get home safe!