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War-time volunteering and population displacement: from spontaneous help to organised volunteering in post-2014 Ukraine

May 29, 2024 - 12:00-14:00
Unicom, 7.3280
Contact: Oksana Chorna
Series: Social Sciences Lecture Series
Event type: public

Oksana Mikheieva (ZOiS, Berlin and Ukrainian Catholic University) on "War-time volunteering and population displacement: from spontaneous help to organised volunteering in post-2014 Ukraine"



This presentation invites to a conversation about the phenomenon of volunteering in the context of forced displacement of people due to the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014. The complexity and variety of volunteer responses to external aggression and forced migration put us in front of theoretical and methodological challenges. Why should we talk about volunteering as a hybrid phenomenon? What are the specifics of volunteerism development in Ukraine at the first stage of Russian aggression - from 2014 to 2022? What caused the immediate reaction of Ukrainian volunteering to the situation of a full-scale Russian invasion? What potential could the experience of volunteering have for the future reconstruction of Ukraine?



Oksana Mikheieva is a UNET Fellow at the Centre for East European and international Studies (ZOiS, Berlin) and a professor at the Department of Sociology, Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine). She has participated in more than 25 sociological research projects, in 12 she was a principal investigator. She researches a wide range of areas, including the historical aspects of deviant and delinquent behavior, urban studies, paramilitary motivations, forced displacement, migration. She has over twenty years of research and teaching experience. She is co-author of "From "the Ukraine” to Ukraine. A Contemporary History, 1991–2021" (Ibidem Press, 2021) and "The War in Ukraine's Donbas" (CEU Press, 2022).


The lecture is a joint event organised by BIGSSS and the BYRD postdoc network "Rethinking Ukrainian Studies: Understanding the Country through Ukrainian Voices," with kind support from the Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (BYRD) and the Research Centre for East European Studies.