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Panel Discussion within the Navigating Academia Event Series

June 13, 2023 - 13:15-14:45
Unicom, House 7, Conference Room (7.3280)
Mary-Somerville-Str. 7
28359 Bremen
Series: Navigating Academia
Event type: public

The dominant understanding of academia assumes that beneficial participation for all involved (students, early career researchers, academic staff...) is based primarily on the ability to make a valuable intellectual contribution to research. In reality, however, universities - and higher education as a whole - are complex social systems in which the agency and access of each individual is determined in multiple ways, including by gender, ethnicity, social class, and health status. These determinations can create powerful cultural and social barriers and inequalities. In the panel discussion "(Breaking) Barriers in Science: Mapping the Field", we will try to overcome the taboo of not addressing them, identify the most common types of barriers, consider strategies for addressing them, and narrow down the future content of our Navigating Academia series.

On June 13, 1-3 pm (ct), BIGSSS & the RTG Contradiction Studies invites to a panel discussion on "(Breaking) Barriers in Academia: Mapping the Field"



  • Prof. Sonja Drobnič, PhD (SOCIUM/University of Bremen)
  • Dr. Dora Simunovic (BIGSSS/University of Bremen)
  • Nelson Sindze Wembe (RTG Contradiction Studies & BIGSSS/University of Bremen)
  • Dr. Lisa Spanka (Equal Opportunities Office/University of Bremen)

 The discussion is moderated by Dr. Christian Peters (BIGSSS/University of Bremen)



Navigating Academia

As the Social Science Graduate School of the University of Bremen and the Constructor University, BIGSSS and partners invite you to discussions about doctoral studies in an international context. The series "Navigating Academia" is aimed at doctoral students as well as academic staff and supervisors. It focuses on the academic and research conditions of doctoral studies, their impact on the lives of those involved, and sometimes also on their political embedding. The social science perspective as well as the daily work of our globally oriented institution have provoked the questions that this series seeks to answer.

If you have ideas for possible topics or suggestions for suitable experts, please contact Christian Peters or Judith Vey.