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November 10, 2021 - 12-14 h
Campus Center / IRC building (4th floor), D-Forge
Jacobs University
Contact: Arline Rave
Series: Institutional Meeting

Our Dean Patrick Sachweh, cordially invites all BIGSSS members to the BIGSSS Forum on November 10, 12-14 h on Jacobs University Campus. 

The Forum is meant to be a low-threshold place for lively debate about all issues that concern BIGSSS as an institution and that is not constrained by a rigid structure. It is an opportunity for all BIGSSS members to openly engage with fellows, staff, deanery, and faculty and discuss current as well as future developments at BIGSSS.

If you have a question or an issue that you feel needs some reflection to be adequately addressed at the Forum, please let Arline Rave know beforehand. If not, you can bring up any point throughout the meeting. 

If you want to particiapte, please contact Arline Rave. The BIGSSS Forum is an internal meeting; only BIGSSS members can participate.