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"A human rights-based migration policy: The Argentine experience - towards a Latin American new age?"

March 25, 2021 - 14:00-15:30
Online, Zoom Lecture
Series: Social Sciences Lecture Series
Event type: public

We are happy to announce that the next BIGSSS Lecture Series and SOCIUM Jour Fixe will host Lila García, PhD (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata). The presentation on "A human rights-based migration policy: The Argentine experience - towards a Latin American new age?" is planned for 25 March 2021 at 14:00h.  


In 2004, Argentina became the first country to pass a federal bill (Law 25,871) which included the right to migrate as a human right together with other rights granted to migrants regardless of their administrative situation; in addition, it deployed a massive regularization policy and other initiatives such us a Migrants’ Ombudsman or tutors for child asylum seekers. Other Latin American countries seem to have followed this trend by recognizing the human right to migrate (Uruguay and Ecuador in 2008; Bolivia in 2013) or key human rights for migrants (Mexico in 2013; Brazil in 2017), within a process of mutual interaction and support from regional human rights institutions as well as civil society. However, during the last four years a regressive policy took place in Argentina and in addition, the pandemic highlighted the weakest areas of such a human rights policy, namely access to social security and documentation.

In spite of regressions and pending challenges, is the case of Argentina a cornerstone for a ‘new age’ for migration in Latin America? What might be the impact at a global level? The talk will address the question by reviewing the main elements of the Argentine human rights-based migration policy as well as their challenges and recent features, the influence of human rights standards from the HR Inter-American system and their domestic (in both legal frameworks and policies) enforcement.


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