Welcome to BIGSSS

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS). BIGSSS is an inter-university institute of the University of Bremen (UB) and Jacobs University Bremen. BIGSSS was founded in 2008, but relies on the prior experience of UB's Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) and of graduate education at Jacobs University. After the initial period starting in 2007, BIGSSS was again successful in the German Excellence Initiative in 2012 and is supported by this generous funding.

BIGSSS is not a typical Ph.D. and postdoctoral program. Our goal is to focus all of our efforts and resources on supporting our outstanding international body of Ph.D. and Postdoc Fellows, their research, and their professional development. The Ph.D. program provides close supervision of dissertation work accompanied by demand-tailored education, both embedded in a vibrant research landscape. Our Ph.D. fellows receive relevant theoretical and methodological training, acquire teaching experience in small seminars, and complete their top-notch dissertations in a timely manner. The BIGSSS's supporting institutions provide us with the means to support our fellows financially, logistically, and professionally as they work through this rigorous program. BIGSSS is part of an international network of strong graduate programs.

We appreciate your interest in BIGSSS, and we hope you can find here all the information you seek. If you have any specific questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  


Prof. Dr. Olaf Groh-Samberg
Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences