Academic Education

04-06 & 09-11/2017 Visting PhD fellow at the School of Politics and International Relations

University College Dublin

since 09/2014 PhD fellow in field A: Global Governance and Regional Integration

Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS)


08/2013 - 01/2014 Erasmus Exchange in Social Sciences

University of Amsterdam


10/2011 - 09/2014 Master of Arts in Political Science

University of Bremen


10/2007 - 09/2011 Bachelor of Arts Political Science and Social Anthropology

Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg


Advanced Education

07/2017 TransSOL summer school "Solidarity Beyond Borders"

Warsaw University

11/2016 workshop "Norms and Practices at a Critical Juncture"

University of Hamburg

09/2016 International sef expert workshop "International Solidarity: Yesterday’s ideal or emerging key norm?"

Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research (KHK/GCR21) & Stiftung Entwicklung und Frieden, Berlin

06/2016 PhD workshop "Democracy, Enlightenment, Solidarity" with Hauke Brunkhorst

University of Oldenburg


02-03/2016 ECPR Winter School in Methodes and Techniques (courses on R & Social Network Analysis)

University of Bamberg


12/2015 POLNET Winter School "Network Analysis for Political Science and Public Administration"

University of Konstanz


06-07/2015 ACCESS EUROPE Summer School on "Democracy and the Financial Crisis in Europe"

Free University of Amsterdam


12/2014 Masterclass "Critical Theory of Legal Revolutions" with Hauke Brunkhorst

Justus Liebig University of Giessen


03/2014 Augsburger Spring School on Discourse Analysis

University of Ausgburg


04/2013 Workshop: Introduction to Qualitative Social Research

Institute for Qualitative Research, Free University of Berlin

recent presentations

Contested Solidarity in the Euro Crisis and Europe’s Migration Crisis. A Discourse Network Analysis, DVPW-Sektionskonferenz ‘Governance of Big Transformations', Hochschule für Politik/TU München, (21.-23.03.2019).

The discursive construction of solidarity in Europe's Migration Crisis. Workshop 'Understanding Solidarity', University of Hamburg (25-27.01.2019).

The rise and fall of an idea: Analyzing notions of solidarity in the Euro crisis and Europe's migration crisis in German discourse networks, ECPR General Conference, University of Hamburg (22.-25.08.2018).

Relations matter. Diskurse als Netzwerke verstehen am Beispiel der Solidarit'tsdebatte in der Eurokrise, workshop "Methoden der multi-modalen Diskursforschung", DVPW-Themengruppe "Diskursforschung in den IB", Universität Magdeburg (05.-06.07.2018).

Framing Solidarity in the Euro crisis: A Comparison of the German and Irish Media Discourse, joint-BIGSSS/InIIS-colloquium, University of Bremen (15.05.2018).

recent conference activities

#Co-Chair (with Eloisa Harris & Mikko Kuisma), double panel “European Welfare States after Crisis: Actor Centred Approaches to the Politics of Exclusive Solidarity”, DVPW-Sektionskonferenz ‘Governance of Big Transformations', Hochschule für Politik/TU München, (21.-23.03.2019).

#Co-Chair (with Raphaela Hobbach & Ann-Kathrin Reinl), double panel “New Perspectives on Solidarity in Europe in Times of Crisis”, DVPW-Sektionskonferenz ‘Governance of Big Transformations', Hochschule für Politik/TU München, (21.-23.03.2019).

#Co-Chair (with Andreas Busen), Panel: "Contested Solidarity - Between Particularism and Universalism", ECPR General Conference, University of Hamburg (22.-25.08.2018).

# Chair, Panel "Contested Solidarities in Europe", discussant: Zsófia S. Ignácz, DVPW-Section-Conference „Internationale Politik“, University of Bremen (04.-06.10.2017).

# Co-Chair (with Anna Wolkenhauer), Panel "The Externalisation Society in Global Politics", discussant: Stephan Lessenich, DVPW-Section-Conference „Internationale Politik“, University of Bremen (04.-06.10.2017).

# Chair, Panel “Left/Right Party Populism in Europe: Same same but Different?", discussant: Michelle Hollman, ECPR General Conference, University of Oslo (06.-09.09.2017).