Further Schools

  • VIU-LIVES Winter School on the Life Course, Venice, April 1-5. 2019: Social Representations of Successful Aging (Prof. Spini, Prof. Contarello, Prof. Jopp, Prof. Morselli)
  • ECPR Winter School, Bamberg, 5-9. March 2018: Panel Data Analysis Course (Prof. Engelhardt-Wölfler)
  • BIGSSS-LIVES Winter School on the Life Course, Bremen, March 12-18. 2018: Social networks, social participation and life transitions: a life course perspective (Prof. Widmer, Prof. Wall)

Further Training

  • Panel Data Analysis (Prof. Engelhardt-Wölfler, 5 days)
  • Longitudinal Structural Equation Modelling (Prof. K.A. Bollen, 2 days)
  • Advanced Interviewing, Interview Analysis & Coding (Dr. Reiter, 3 x 2 days)
  • QDA, QCA (Prof. Schreier, 2 x 3 days)
  • MaxQDA (Dr. Friese, Dr. Dresing, 2 x 2 days)
  • Academic Writing and Presenting (Prof. Woodward, 2 whole semester courses)
  • Further smaller courses on Discourse Analysis, R, Longitudinal & Hierarchical Data Analysis, Network Analysis, Time-Management, Publishing, Presentation & Writing and more.

Further Aspects

  • 2016/17 Fellow Representative of Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences. 2016 + 2017 part of new PhD-fellow selection committee, 2017 part of new Post-Doc selection committee.
  • Keen interest in East Asia (Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan); respective basic, but dedicated language skills in Japanese, Korean and Chinese and cultural experience; very interested in international cooperation and cross-cultural comparative research.