Further Trainings


  • IMISCOE PhD Summer School "New Immigration and the Redefinition of the Mainstream: Transatlantic Perspectives", Princeton University, Princeton, August 2016;
  • IACCP Culture & Psychology Summer School (Content stream: The self and social inequality; Method stream: Multilevel modelling), International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, Nagoya, July 2016;
  • BIGSSS Summer School "Intergroup conflict and its resolution - the case of Ukraine", Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Bremen, June-July 2016;


  • V Summer School of ILSCR “Analyzing and reporting cross-cultural data” (Instructors: Sh. Schwartz, S. Breugelmans, F. Van de Vijver), HSE, June 2015;


  • GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology, course “Factorial Survey Designs”, Cologne, August 2014;
  • IV Summer School of ILSCR “Designing a mixed-method research in cross-cultural psychology” (Instructors: Sh. Schwartz, S. Breugelmans, F. Van de Vijver), HSE, June 2014;


  • Training program “Advanced theory and methodology in social sciences”, HSE, September – November 2013;
  • GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology, course “Experimental Techniques in Survey Research”, Cologne, August 2013;
  • III Summer School of ILSCR “Designing, performing and presenting social psychology and sociology research: From initial questions to publication” (Instructors: Sh. Schwartz, P. Schmidt, R. Fischer), HSE, June 2013;
  • Qualitative Research training courses, Social Research Association, Edinburgh, May 2013;
  • Academic writing 12-week course, HSE, February-May 2013;
  • Training program "Social identity, values and migration", HSE, March-April 2013; 


  • Training program "Quantitative data collection" (Questionnaire Design & Testing; Survey Implementation; Introduction to Sampling and Weighting), Social Research Association, London, October 2012; 
  • Short-term training program "Quality in Social Research", Social Research Association, London, September 2012;
  • Training program “Advanced social psychology: theory, methods, practice”, HSE, September-November 2012;
  • II Summer School of ILSCR “Designing research and writing papers on culture and behavior” (Instructors: Sh. Schwartz, P. Schmidt, A. Realo), HSE, June 2012;
  • Short-term training program “Advanced economic psychology”, HSE, April 2012;


  • Training program “Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling”, HSE, September and November 2011;
  • Training program “Cross-cultural research of changing society: theories and methods”, HSE, September, October and November 2011;
  • Short-term training program “Methodology of Project Management”, HSE, September 2011;
  • I Summer School of ILSCR “Values and Socio-Economical Behavior: Cross-cultural Dimensions and Explanatory Models”, HSE, June 2011.